Mansell (Mancel) Family

Jane Elizabeth Mansell

[3rd Great Grandmother]

was born 29 April 1827, Kingston Upon Thames, London, England to William Mansell & Caroline Humphries.

She was baptised on 22 July 1827, All Saints, Kingston Upon Thames, London, England. William’s occupation was a Labourer and they were residing in Kingston, London.

Possible arrival of Jane on board the “Statesman”? in 5 October 1853? [interestingly there was a Samuel Coysh who was Captain of the "Statesman" around 1863-64].

Excerpt from: “Early Days of the Upper Murray” by Jean Carmody
Chapter 14 – Mountain of Mystery – Walwa
…John married a girl named Mansell [Jane Elizabeth Mansell], who had migrated to Australia alone and who, because she could neither read nor write, completely lost touch with her people in Britain, having no way of communicating with them.

She married John Aysh Coysh on 17 July 1856, at the Bridge Inn, Yackandandah, Victoria.

Jane was 27. Her parents are named as William Mansell, a Sawyer?, and Caroline Humphries.

Jane died 8 December 1906, Tintaldra, Victoria.

Jane was 77.  She was buried on 10 December 1906, Walwa Cemetery, Victoria.  Her parents were not known. Informant was Charles Mansell Coysh. She was born in Kingston, England, and had spent 54 years in Victoria. Jane had married at the age of 27 to John Aysh Coysh, in Yackandandah.  Children listed were: Thomas (49); John Mansell, deceased; Mary Jane (45); Ernest William, deceased; George (42); Harry Robert, deceased; Robert Henry (39); Charles Mansell (37).

William Mansell

[4th Great Grandfather]

was born  Abt. 1783, Frensham?, Surrey, England to Henry Mansell & Elizabeth Keene.

[William's parents from another website] - Possible baptism: 18 July 1782, St Mary, Frensham

He married Caroline Humphries on 13 October 1811, Richmond Upon Thames, Middlesex, England.

London, England, Marriages and Banns 1754-1921:
William Mansell & Caroline Humphries, 13 October 1811, St Mary, Teddington, Middlesex, Richmond Upon Thames
William Mansell of this Parish and Caroline Humphries of the same were married in this Church by Banns, this 13th day of October in the year of 1811.  William Mansell, his mark, Caroline Humphries, her mark, in the presence of Mary Childs? and Robert Smith.

Birth of Henry, 1813, Kingston Upon Thames, London, England.  Possible marriage to Mary?, born Abt. 1811, Surrey, England.

Baptised 19 December 1813, All Saints, Kingston Upon Thames, London - William’s occupation was a Labourer, from Kingston.

Possible 1841 England Census, Kingston Upon Thames, London shows Henry (30), Labourer; Mary (30); Caroline (3).

Possible 1851 England Census, Water Lane, Richmond, Surrey shows Henry (38); Bricklayer’s Labourer; Mary (36); Caroline (13); Mary (4); George (5); Henry (7); John (9)

Birth of William, 16 November 1815, Kingston Upon Thames, London, England.

Baptised 7 January 1816, All Saints, Kingston Upon Thames, London - William’s occupation a Gardener – and they lived in Kingston.

Birth of Thomas, April 1818, Kingston Upon Thames, London, England. He died 8 August 1870, Kingston, Surrey, England. Married (1) Abigail Mary Galley, 10 October 1841, Leatherhead, Surrey, England. Abigail was born on 28 August 1816, Kingston, Surrey, England to William Galley & Abigail Unknown. She died 26 February 1862, Back Lane, Kingston, Surrey, England. He then married (2) Matilda Wadbrook, September 1864, Kingston, Surrey, England. Matilda was born 5 March 1821, Kingston, Surrey, England to William Wadbrook & Sarah Unknown.

Baptised 27 December 1818, All Saints, Kingston Upon Thames, London - William’s occupation was a Labourer – residing Kingston.

[From another source] …Abigail Galley, spinster of Leatherhead, of full age,  and Thomas Mansell, bachelor of full age, labourer, of Leatherhead. Married on 10 Oct 1841 after banns at the parish church of St Mary and St Nicholas, Leatherhead [in the county of Surrey]. Both their fathers names were William and both fathers occupations were indicated as Labourers. Thomas and Abigail made their marks on the register. Witnesses Maria Goff and William Brown.

1851 England Census, Back Lane, Kingston, Surrey shows Thomas (33), a Labourer; Abigail (30); Abigail (7); Jane (5); Thomas (3); Charles (3 mths).

1861 England Census, Canbury Lane, Kingston, Surrey shows Thomas (45), Labourer – Grounds; Louisa (6); Sarah (3).

Birth of George, 2 September 1820, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England.

Baptised 1 October 1820, All Saints, Kingston Upon Thames, London - William’s occupation was a Labourer – residing Kingston.

Birth of Richard, 5 February 1823, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England. He died January 1824, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England, aged 11 months.

Richard Mansell – Baptised: 3 August 1823, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England; Birth date: 5 February 1823; Burial date: 25 January 1824; Father: William Mansell; Mother: Caroline

Birth of Louisa, 14 May 1824, Kingston Upon Thames, London, England. She died March 1831, Kingston Upon Thames, London, England.

Baptised 1 August 1824, Kingston Upon Thames, London, England.

Birth of Jane Elizabeth, born 29 April 1827, Kingston Upon Thames, London, England. Married John Aysh Coysh.

William’s occupation is named as a Sawyer*, on the marriage certificate of daughter Jane Elizabeth to John Aysh Coysh, 1856, Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia.  [*One who saws; a carpenter]

William died in 1859, Kingston, Surrey, England.

England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index, 1837-1915:
William Mansell; Date of Registration: July/August/September 1859; District: Kingston; County: Surrey

Henry Mansell (Mancel)

was born Abt. 1752, Farnham?, Surrey, England to Unknown.

Possible baptism: 17 October 1752, Farnham, Surrey to John Mansel

He married Elizabeth Keen on 6 August 1778, Farnham, Surrey, England.

Henry Mansell & Elizabeth Keene

…that we Henry Mansel of this? parish of Farnham in the county of Surry [sic], husbandman, and William Keens of aforesaid parish, husbandman … that above [?] Henry Mansel, Batchelor and Eliz. Keens, of this parish of Farnham, in the county of Surry, Spinster …

Birth of Henry, Abt. 1778, Farnham, Surrey, England.

Baptised 11 December 1778, Farnham, Surrey.

Birth of Mary, Abt. 1780, Farnham, Surrey, England.

Birth of William, born Abt. 1783, Frensham, Surrey, England. Married Caroline Humphries.

Birth of Elizabeth, Abt. 1786, Frensham, Surrey, England. Possible marriage to William Appleby?, 21 May 1811, Yeovil, Somerset, England.

Birth of Thomas, Abt. 1787, Frensham, Surrey, England.

Baptised: 23 November 1787, St Mary, Frensham

Birth of John, Abt. 1790, Frensham, Surrey, England.

Birth of Richard, Abt. 1793, Frensham, Surrey, England.

Baptism: 11 January 1793, St Mary, Frensham

Birth of Samuel, Abt. 1796, Frensham, Surrey, England.

Birth of Edward, Abt. 1798, Frensham, Surrey, England.

Baptism: November 1798, St Mary, Frensham

Henry died Abt. 1832?, Surrey?, England.

Possible burial: Surrey, England Burials 1813-1987:
Henry Mansel, Born: Abt 1754; Burial Age: 78; Burial Date: 18 March 1832; Parish: Frensham, St Mary

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